DISCONTINUED FILM - But still Viable.

NORMAL dr5 ISO: 25
Ei: 8 - 64 ISO

If you like contrast and no grain this is your film. TP produces a spectacular image. Drawbacks are the very slow speed, excessive contrast, availability. Use a higher iso for litho type quality, a lower iso to bring out the detail in the blacks.

TP produces a stunning cold-neutral image in developer 1-neutral. TP has a clear film-base. In Developer-2-sepia, TP almost creates a duo-toned effect for high contrast images. If the image is even-toned it produces a rich sepia/brown. It's also a great special effects film.

We suggest you use this film for special occasions only as it is hard to find and expensive if you find it. Use this film in low key scenes, It is best in these conditions. It is best not to shoot this film where extreme shadow and highlight exists.

TP can have a 12+ stop range in dr5. DMAX for TP can be 5.6 if it is fresh stock. An advantage to TP is it is a very hearty film. Even 15 year old TP can still be good! Processing options have dwindled however as the negative developer; Tecnadol is no longer available.

We will continue to run TP in dr5 for as long as it comes in.



KODAK PROFESSIONAL Technical Pan Film is being discontinued due to steadily declining demand over the recent years. Changes in product components and our manufacturing processes make it impractical to continue to support this product at its current low levels.

The last Tech Pan coating was several years ago. Since that time, the old coating room has been shut down, the gels used in the product formulation have become obsolete, and we no longer manufacture the ESTAR support on which the 35 mm product was coated. There would be considerable cost to recreate the product, with no guarantee that it would look and act the same as the Tech Pan Film of old.

Technical Pan Film will continue to be available until the existing inventory has been depleted.

While there is no direct replacement for Tech Pan Film, you may find KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 100 Film in combination with specific B&W Developers to be a viable alternative for some applications.