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The top B&W negative film processing services - world-wide - Ultimate in B&W negative development 30years of film development experience.  

Film processing & Scanning of all B&W films.
Negative-FILM processing: 35mm to 8x10 and film scanning [roll scans & digital-contacts]

If you require a special run for negatives, please give us a call regarding the order.

B&W-Negative Quality development, as it should be.


35mm - up to 9 rolls         SAME FILM TYPE:  $68.00 - per RUN            BY THE SINGLE ROLL  $10.25ea
120 / 220  - up to 6 rolls  SAME FILM TYPE:  $50.00 - per RUN            BY THE SINGLE ROLL  $10.25ea 
4x5 -  up to 16 sheets     SAME FILM TYPE:  $55.00 - per RUN            BY THE SHEET              $ 3.95ea
5x7                                   CALL  
8x10  -  2 sheets             SAME FILM TYPE:  $18.25                            BY THE SHEET              $9.75
11x14                           CALL

PROCESSING + FILM SCANS - PER ROLL (discounted scan w/process)
PROCESS & SCAN - small scans [1750x1000 tiff] $17
PROCESS & SCAN - med scans [1500x2300 tiff] $20
PROCESS & SCAN - lrg scans [2000x3000 tiff] $24
PROCESS & SCAN - X-lrg scans [2400x3600 tiff] $27
PROCESS & SCAN - XX-lrg scans [3000x4200 tiff] (35mm only) $30

There is a 17% discount on ROLL SCANS @time of processing. Our roll-scanning service is the best in the industry! Each frame is seen by Human Eyes and adjusted if necessary. We also only scan your film as "tiff" files, not the cheaper internet format jpeg. ALL clients receive an emailed digital contact of your rolls.
SCAN SERVICES                          [Roll-Scans + Premium & Drum-scan]

Pulls  &  2 +Push                                                                                    NC
Push to +2.5 and over                                                                                $10 per RUN
ANALOG Contacts         CALL      
Pre wash                       add 25%
Special process CHEMICAL mix [your own developer choice]                  CALL

Special film development – TECH-PAN, SCALA-, ROLLEI-ATP;       
ALT-developer:  Pyro-cat, etc..,  VERY OLD FILM  (processed @ clients request & risk)            add 200%

Each B&W film type is unique. Never again will you have to guess if the lab can develop your film type or ruin it by running it in a developer that it isn't suited for. We have tested every film for precise development. We can also mold development to your specific needs, CALL.


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NOTE: Recommendation: 'If' you are never going to print your negatives by traditional means [in an enlarger], consider processing-shooting your B&W as "B&W-SLIDE" [read about dr5 processing here. If you are not printing by traditional methods - 'transparencies/slides' are far superior for scanning]