ADOX/EFKE 25 roll & Lrg-Frmt- Ei: 12~100 iso
NORMAL dr5 ISO: 25

The efke25 produces quality in dr5. ADOX/Efke-25 is the sharpest conventional B&W film still available, especially in dr5. ADOX/Efke films are silver rich, with an old-fashion image quality. All the ADOX/EFKE films are single-layer emulsions.

ADOX/EFKE branded films are the same. They both come from the same plant. The EFKE films "are" original ADOX films first produced by Dr. Schleussner in Frankfurt/Main until about 1968. The machines and emulsions were sold to Fotokemika after this and since then they carry on making the ADOX films under the Efke name. FOTOIMPEX keeps the original branding of these films. The ADOX/EFKE plant is one of the oldest film coating plants still producing film.

Efke-25: Without reported issues with negative development, ADOX/efke-25's tonal range is greatly improved in dr5. The neutral image in developer 1, tends to be warm in dr5, the warmest of all the neutrals, but it is best you use FRESH stock unless you have kept it on ice. The tonal Qualities are that of a fine platinum print, slightly to the yellow. Contrast is added gradually past 25iso. If you have to go above 25iso [dr5], shoot this film in a low dynamic-scene. If you have to shoot a high-contrast scene with this film, it is best to choose a low iso [use a tripod]. This film tends to change for the worse with age unless it has been kept in deep freeze for storage. [never keep opened rolls in cold-store]. From processing this film over the years, we find that ADOX/E25 can have exposure challenges in some light conditions. It might be best to test this film, then make adjustments for your conditions.  

NOTE: The ADOX/efke120-film will fog easily. We advise special care. Treat it as you would any high speed film. Use a container or foil to cover the 120 rolls after it has been shot.

ALSO NOTE: ALL ADOX/EFKE films vary from emulsion to emulsion. Though we like these films best for dr5, & test them when possible, we find the emulsion-changes can vary as much as 20%. We would highly suggest if you want to use ADOX/EFKE film - NEG or dr5, test a 'roll/sheets' of purchased stock [10~50 rolls] before doing serious shooting. Testing your stock, old or new, will insure correct exposure for serious shoots.

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